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what others say about The 60 Second Trader

  • Jonathan Drew

    Wow! I've just finished “The 60 Second Trader”, what a read! I discovered a fantastic Sniper Strategy within “The 60 Second Trader” and Guess What? I won 9 successive trades, it simply works, what's not to like !! You wont want to miss this. Get it now, and you too will start to Love Monday Mornings.

  • Teresa Leyland

    Great read for beginners looking to learn about Trading. Easy to understand language, with lots of visuals to help explain how it all works. It talks about all the various signals as well as strategies that can be used. This book not only teaches you how to trade but also talks about risk management. I would highly recommend. An essential read for anyone looking to start trading

  • Chris Morris

    In short, "The 60 Second Trader" is definitely worth every penny if you're wanting to try your hand at day-trading the financial markets. I can't guarantee you'll make a fortune, but you will certainly be making winning trades within a few hours of applying the advice given within it's pages.

  • Earl Savage

    “The 60 Second Trader” is an excellent primer for the trading beginner as well as a very informative supplement to the knowledge base of an experienced trader. It is wellwritten with clear and concise explanations and with pictures and graphs that very effectively complement the text. I highly recommend it!

  • Sergio Ervini

    Whether you're a trading expert or completely newbie, this book is a complete revelation! Inside you'll find easy to follow instructions on the most profitable and least expensive way to navigate the trading jungle.... I particularly liked the sections focusing on a traders mental approach and the level of risk management required to be successful - topics often ignored by other "trading books". Thanks for simplifying what everyone else tends to complicate out there, my new results are the testimony of that.

  • Dave Horne

    WARNING: Don't skim read through to the end. You need to go through the whole process to appreciate what is being taught here. Whilst this book starts on a really deep level, by the end, everything was making sense. My favorite bit was the chapter on money management. Isn't it funny how the correct approach to making money is the secret of how to keep (and grow) what you have?
    Once again Guys, thanks for all the hard work you've put into making this book a useful readable beginners guide to successful trading.

  • Graham Burt

    The 60 Second Trader is a must read for all current, and would be traders. Written in easy to understand language, I soon learned how CFD’s, Spread Betting, Forex Trading and Binary Options operate. I highly recommend you pay close attention to the Risk & Money Management section and use the FREE Demo Account option, allowing you to practice before going live with real money. The icing on the cake for me is the "Trading While You Sleep" section. Where you will find priceless information on how to automate your trading 24/7!


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